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Dr Sarah Louise Steele

Researcher, Consultant, Educator
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A curious scholar, my work is engagement-driven and dedicated to real-world impact. I am concerned with my work bringing about social change and global improvements in people's health and well-being.


To date, I have worked across various disciplines, and with academics, governments, and individual professionals, from around the world. My research focuses on improving our responses to issues that cross borders, especially gender-based violence. In addition, I have consulted on projects on strengthening professional communication and cross-cultural learning, improving health through improved accountability and transparency, and driving better professional understandings of issues that affect us in the contemporary world.


Having held posts at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Oxford, I am an experienced teacher, researcher, and consultant. I have a BA/LLB (Hons, 1st) and MA from Flinders University, a DPhil from the University of Oxford, a PhD from the University of Cambridge and a PGCAP from Queen Mary, University of London, as well as being an FHEA and FRSA. My research has been featured internationally in both peer-reviewed publications and the press.

I welcome invitations to research and comment and regularly provide updates on events, presentations, research output, and developments. With accessible, policy-relevant output, my media coverage is international, and I can work with individuals and bodies around the world -- contact me below. 


I have extensive experience conducting research across the human, social and political sciences and in Public Health, Medicine, Law, Sociology, Gender Studies, Public Policy, and Medical Education. I have an H-index of 15. My research has been featured in world-leading journals, esteemed textbooks, and in professional circulars. I have extensive experience drafting reports, and I work regularly with graphic designers to create infographics and online content to simplify information for diverse audiences.
I am proactive in both public engagement and media dissemination of my research, and I work with researchers and private entities to engage with professionals, the public at large, and the Academy. I am Deputy Director of the Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge, while also being a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. In these roles, I conduct research and generate publications that traverse a wide range of topics. My publications can be found on Google Scholar and I have received extensive press in the UK and beyond. Some examples of my past reports can be found on the Jesus College Perspectives site.
I would delight in working with interested parties to develop collaborations and projects to deliver you a research product of the highest quality.




My innovative teaching philosophy embraces a student-centred approach, constantly engaging and challenging learners. I foster a vibrant and enriching learning environment by celebrating and learning from the diversity within my classrooms. This approach is embedded in all my teaching, from subject-specific modules to courses that develop students' research, study, and writing skills. My teaching isn't confined to the four walls of a classroom - I am adept at running professional-level education modules and facilitating learning across various platforms.

Always at the cutting edge of education, I enthusiastically advocate new teaching media and innovative approaches. This enthusiasm extends to my promotion of active engagement, where I encourage all students to learn from each other and the world at large. I am a community builder, facilitating meaningful discussions and promoting an intellectually stimulating environment. My teaching has achieved global reach through my edX module, attracting students from a remarkable 128 countries.

My student-centred approach encourages learning and critical, reciprocal engagement both in the classroom and through technology. I am always eager to use innovative teaching media and to encourage students to engage with each other through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Reviews of my teaching can be found at Rate My Professor.



I have extensive experience advising on research, professional education, and conference organisation. I am delighted to be on a 60-strong team of expert advisors to the UK's Home Office on the ENOUGH! campaign, and I also now work with international education providers like UK Medu to devise content for professionals from around the world to undertake training, cross-learning, professional development and international collaboration. So I can work in an advisory through to full delivery capacity with your team. Requests for consultation can be made here:



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